My personal favourite type of promo is the "behind-the-scenes" film.  I've always enjoyed the peek-behind-the-curtain element of these films, getting to see the work that goes into producing things...I've always loved to see how

special effects

are created and how my favourite scenes in films were shot and edited.  So these films, in a small way, are our own additions to that genre 😊

First off, we shot a nice little EPK for John Rutter's latest album


.  I've said this before many times, but I really enjoy these type of films because you get to listen to some great music as a by product of creating the edit.

There are some genuinely beautiful moments in the tracks on this album and I hope our film goes some way to capturing them.

In a complete change of pace, we also shot and edited a behind-the-scenes promo for Stephen and Chris from



The guys were shooting the front cover for

their new book

and we were invited along to capture some of that process.  It was a bit of a riot as anyone who watches the show can imagine.  Everybody there, including us,  was having a lot of fun... probably far more than was appropriate.