Been a bit of a whirlwind of late, so I have compiled a quick review of some of our recent activities out there in the world

First off, we’ve just got back from a trip to Ghana. We were there as a follow up project to our work in Ethiopia a few years back.  The main aspect of the film shoot was creating a step by step guide to conducting Hydrocele surgery.

Follow the link to discover the somewhat excruciating details if you fancy (or not).

Ghana is a beautiful country, with some amazing scenery, it really was quite a trip.

Prior to that excursion, we shot and edited a nice little film for our friends at Decca Classics and the Aurora Orchestra.  I really love editing these types of mini music documentaries, you always have such a lovely soundtrack to work with.

We also had a fun day out at the Science Museum in December, where we covered an event for URENCO.  Every year they have a Christmas lecture involving a prominent scientist talking to school kids about science related topics.

This year was the turn of Dr. Gabrielle Walker, who discussed the challenges we face from climate change and the need to find cleaner sources of energy.  The kids really enjoyed it all and hopefully learned a thing or 2 in the process (I know I did).

The last project was for a Buckinghamshire based business organisation.  The challenge with this one involved not only creating a film but also writing a rhyme that would accompany the footage.  So, we all dusted off our A-Level English Literature and got stuck into some word play.

We visited a hugely diverse range of businesses for this film, giving ourselves the challenge of attempting to crystallise each business into a single shot.  To mix things up and to give ourselves a few more options for creative latitude, we also decided to incorporate slow motion and GoPro camera footage, which turned out pretty well.

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