Been working with our brilliant local charity WheelPower his week.  We are creating various short films for them, to help get the word out about the amazing and transformative work they do.

This week it was The National Junior Games where school kids with various disabilities were able to try out a variety of sports - all with the aim of helping them to find a sport they love, to encourage them to lead healthy and active lifestyles, no matter what disability they may have.

The motto of the day was "have a go" - which Paul took literally:

Wherever you pointed the camera you got great shots of either steely determination in the eyes of the kids or just massive smiles!

Stoke Mandeville Hospital has a long and very proud history of helping disabled people - and WheelPower do a fantastic job of keeping this tradition alive with the sporting activities and events they run.  Check out their site if you have a chance.