Spent last Saturday shooting the promo for 'Northern Comfort', a track from the new Crippled Black Phoenix album White Light Generator (out next month!).  Our old war buddy Sean Hogan directing, Nick & I filming.

We've been fans of CPB for years so it's pretty exciting to be collaborating on this film.  It was a nice, relaxed day - promo shoots can get notoriously long, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to Chris' partner for the most welcome lunch!  The band were great, stayed focused and rocking for the whole day which made it so easy for us.  Most importantly, the track itself sounds wicked, and hopefully we can do it justice with some cool visuals.

Another great thing was that we got to roll out the Canon C100 and really let rip - it was just one of those days when everything you wave the camera at looks effortlessly cool!

So the footage of the band is in the can, Sean is now shooting some bizarre sounding stuff to finish the rest of the story involving a doll house.

Expecting something very, very dark...