OK so none of us have blogged since November, very slack there's no denying it.  Here's a taste of what we've been busy with:

The Aurora 2014 brochure and promo complete.

Black Friday happened and we were on the scene to help Asda to document the momentous occasion with both stills and film.  (Nick even made it into the Evening Standard!)


We also helped Asda champion their British cattle farmers although some of the places we visited were less easy to get to than others:

We shot an instruction maintenance guide for RGK Wheelchairs and Wheelpower which is still in the edit phase.  These guys supplied some of the British athletes with their chairs during the olympics:

There was a report from INREV...

Investors bullish about real estate in 2014 from INREV on Vimeo.

Our Promo for Leiths School of Food and Wine went live!

and of course Pearl became the latest member of 'Family Stanton'.