Paul and I have just returned from a great little shoot in "The Eternal City".  Striking French Air Traffic Controllers threatened to derail the whole thing initially - but despite a small delay, we got there in the end.

I had never been to Rome before and was totally unprepared for the scale and magnificence of the place.  I kinda fell in love with it immediately - and made a mental "note to self" to return again when there was a bit more time to explore...pretty much only got to see the sites from the back of a cab to/from the airport!

As the guys we were filming had very limited time to spend with us - so no opportunity to rehearse their lines...we opted to use a neat bit of iPad teleprompting kit, and  it worked very well.  Turns out that filming CEO's, unrehearsed in Rome with an hours shoot time including set-up is do-able...there is indeed "an APP for that".