Saturday - on the set of a promo shoot for Crippled Black Phoenix.  The promo is for Laying Traps, a tune from their next album: (Mankind) The Crafty Ape.  

The band are always collaborating with other artists, so our buddy Sean wrote them a short treatment for a promo film.  We shot it in a day at an abandoned RAF camp in Oxford - what a fantastic location.  The band set up in a crumbling gymnasium - we even got made-up to play members of a dead audience.

Dozens of CBP fans were invited to turn up as extras & between takes they were treated to a few tunes off the new album as the band ran through a sneak preview set.  

DP Eben Bolter was massively cool to us, we shot on 5D's under his guidance and he showed us a few great tips & tricks.  School every day.