We got a call from the lovely Jo at freud communications on Tuesday, it was a classic "Is this crazy idea even possible with such a short turnaround time?  Only you guys can help!" type of call.

Naturally, everything is possible ;-)

Alex James has been a cheesemaker for over 10 years (I felt a dope when it seems everyone knew this but me).  He's launching a range of new cheese products at ASDA in the next few weeks and they need some UGC style promos for the ASDA consumer site, plus an interview & B-roll for broadcast on the Gino & Mel TV show next week.

We rolled to Alex's farm in the Cotswolds and spent the day chatting about melting cubes & bread-shaped ketchup-flavoured slices, epic cheese made by silent monks & Alex's crazy tomato plants.  It was a cool day, we had fun messing about with Alex and his kids and the shoot was smooth as a nice piece of Gruyere.

We shot the interview & B-roll on a Sony EX3 XD-CAM, and we took the 5D for the online stuff, it looks pretty.  Delivery is today & tomorrow so we're slaving over a hot edit suite right now.

I'll hook up a link when we have a draft approved.