We spent the whole day on Saturday filming the induction day for the 2010 recruits for the Green & Black's Community Development Programme.  We'll be traveling with Raleigh, who are running the project, to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks time to document the project, a gravity well, built in the farming community of CONACADO, the cocoa co-operative that G&B's work with.

The Lucky winners above are (l-r) Jesting Jamie, Orange Olly, Enthusiastic Elizabeth, Modest Max & Brilliant Bruno.

Jim & I have actually been to visit CONACADO in the DR before with Cafédirect a couple of years ago, had a great trip, there is a funny video of Jim practicing Spanish somewhere...  Perhaps we'll hook up again with our friend Abel, who was our escort last time and a founder of the Co-operative.  A very respected man.