Weird call last week, we were asked to shoot some PR shots for a new client.  Mattesons have sponsored Storm Freerun, a group of London-based Parkour & freerunners, and they wanted some images of them alongside a pair of glamour models, as well as 5 tutorial films showing off some simple techniques.

We had a really good day, started early at the skate park on the South Bank where we fired off a few shots.  Then we headed over to a stairwell near the iMax which is a popular practicing spot for freerunners, who were there buzzing around all day, happy to meet a few of their heroes form Storm).  We pinged off a few more shots and shot the tutorial films.

We shot with a 3 camera setup, shooting 75fps on the Z7, which produced some fantastic results!  After a few test shots of Nick belting around in the garden in the rain, I was happy that we had a project that was worth breaking out the slo-mo for!

As well as the old FX-1 for backup, we shot on our new baby, a Canon 5D.  It's our first time shooting 1080p in anger on the 5D and the results are niiize!  We are very, very impressed.  Have a look...