We had another call from the folks at Cadbury the other night.  Could we get down to the Gold Coast bar in Brixton and film distinguished guests from Ghana at the launch of the new Swap Songs TV ad campaign?

It's a campaign where Cadbury are asking people to swap any regular purchase to the Fairtrade equivalent (not sure everyone understood the concept thoroughly, one portly gentleman told us he would swap a crate of beer he had in his boot for chocolate bars!).

Anyhoo, the idea is that you let them know what you have swapped on the Cadbury website and you can download a free album of British song re-recorded by Ghanaian artists.  Pretty cool.

So we had a busy night, interviewing the attendees (including Harriet Lamb - the 3rd time we've had the pleasure in as many weeks!).  It was a fun night, we got some nice photos & soundbites for a little promo to help the campaign along.  Had a sip (a sip, mind) of a Ghanaian brewskie, and we were given a little gift as a thank-you on the night - 4.5KG of Fairtrade Dairy Milk bars!!

Well, hopefully our consumption helped to do a tiny bit of good in the world(!).  As I think I've said before, it's nice to see the big boys beginning to embrace ethical trade...