We got a call from Cadbury's at 3pm yesterday - "can you get down to City Hall to film en event by 6?".

So we raced into town where we got some coverage & stills of a BITC sustainable marketing event - the current Cadbury's Chief Exec, Todd Stitzer.  He was speaking to guests on the day before the Cadbury's shareholders vote on the Kraft takeover.

Todd came across as a gentleman, passionate about sustainability in business and joking calmly about the vote today.

Other speakers were from M&S & Unilever, and the general discussion was on the subject of ethical & sustainable marketing - fairly run of the mill stuff for those that already work in the ethical sector.  "... for our children, and our children's children..."  etc.

Naturally, having visited farmers benefiting from Fairtrade many times, it would be easy for us to glaze over when listening to it being described in metropolitan surroundings.  However it's still exciting to think that "we're dealing with a very critical and crucial time" as James Brown once said.  We're at a real crossroads here...

So, it's good to see that the huge great mechanical wheels of corporate industry are slowly turning towards the realisation that ethical and 'sustainable' business will one day be the norm, not just some cheap marketing trick.


Evidently M&S have saved 400m carrier bags since they began charging $$ for them, less than a year ago!  That's according to a Powerpoint slide :-)  Nice!